We Copts first part of the 1990 , then there was only the forest (that year was born our first child).
Then, we established lawns and roads. Sven has chopped the tree and run backhoe loaders.
The first house was moved here from Degersand it has been a ANEX to Degersands guesthouse Fanna in 1950-60's.

Now we had 6x double room with toilets and shower. The refrigerator was standing outside and every room had its own coffee maker. The year was 1992 (where we had our second child) and the plant was called Eklund nights .

summer 1995 we had bound up in lösvirke with a needle. sälskapsrum / kitchen and 3 double rooms (our third child was 7months. old)
Now we named row instead, people called us there in that house was a red wing, now consisting only of 9: double rooms.

The kitchen area had Sven is bound up with a small bay which was functioning as a kiosk. It was sold lösglass, candy, coffee, toys and magazines. Sven had his 30-year celebration of the inauguration of the newly built kitchen.

Spring 1998 We tore down an annexe to Lemböte camp. They would build a new house and wanted to get rid of the old boys' boarding school which stood on unstable grounds (Our oldest child went from 1st grade and our fourth child was a year and a half years old).
Sven took time off from forestry job and worked full time in a month to tear down the old anexet. He took the house piece by piece and shipped home so much it went to his car trailer.
In the end, a number of buildings left also trucks and a crane truck was called in to transport to Eckerö Torp. Meanwhile, the foundation had poured in between everything else. The same day his son went out for number one caravan across Åland. The next day we went to Lemland and took advantage of the terminals and tidied the sissta. Now they took Sven tilvara on everything and even terminals that had become a new foundation for cafébygnaden.
The canopy of the old fireplace had to be a barbecue. The newly renovated duchrummet from Lemland bygdes on and so now we also had a large duchrum and WC.
From the old assembly room was floor, windows and roof trusses. An old business desk from which is used by Susan's grandfather a few summers when he once had a shop in his captain's house here in Torp. Sven puslade together and built the to, in the end, the café clearly and in June 1999 we had the inauguration. The gang from John föreldrahem came and sang and played the accordion Eric Wall

2003 Now called extra help in order to finish the roofs and facades of the new wing with 4-bed rooms. Schuman and Borgökalle while Sven was working in the woods. We plastered plastered and painted. New furniture was purchased and now we had another 4 pieces newly refurbished 4-bed rooms in the facility (Now the brood expanded to include a foster child). Sven was another kitchen and a toilet.
Now we had a total of 54 beds and could accommodate the entire bus laser.

Summer 2004 refurbished the remaining 4-bäddsrummer with wood paneling and nice new furniture. an 8-edged grill house built well. We took the opportunity to PALA to the bridge when pålpråmen still were in the neighborhood. Now we could finally build a proper bridge to our shallow beach. Sven worked the reeds on the beach with a tractor loader and a nice beach emerged.

(2005 fck we have our fifth child)

2006 Bought a cykeluthyrningshus from Ro No Rent that they wanted to get rid of (they were bound up again). The house had stood in the eastern port of mariehemn and moved here with crane truck. This could be the start of a service to the campsite. The land to camp again worked up, the stumps were living and future gäsmattora fräster and harrow were. Road buggdes and empty. the beautiful mountain stream could now drive a car.

2008 building plan öveområdet was accepted.
This summer was a great and nice strat sauna. Trivserlhus mounted a "stock supply" as Sven inrädde with partition wall, locker rooms and benches.
When sudentkörerna Lyran and the Academy of Helsinki were here was the wood-fired sauna inaugurated. 19 ° C in the water like a mirror, candles in lanterns and warm summer breezes. What a lovely spa.

Sketch of the campsite.

Summer 2010
Harry nails wooden deck between the showers.

A boathouse is constructed. Morgan röjjer sharp.

June 2011 Sven and Susan makes fences to campsite service. Signs are made and put up.

Susanna painting area map. Sven test is the new bench on the bridge.

Strandvy summer 2011 . A gym färdiställdes in December.

February 2012 Morgan and Sven isoerar showers and toilets at the campsite. ECO insulation on the café roof.

February 2012 Sven nails furniture.

Gutters on the camping service house.

Chimney and fume hood in the barbecue house. Maintenance work on the bridge.

Playground at the camping. Juni 2012.

LCHF-certified restaurant 2012.

The sauna and boathouse summer 2012. Sven prepares breakfast baskets.


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