In our cozy guesthouse, you can relax in our COMFORTABLE BEDS The rooms are adjacent to each other with their own doors out to the nature .

Dogs are welcome, but they should be kept on a leash and not allowed to sleep in the beds.
We have vast forests adjacent to which is fine for break / walks and meadows fun for the dogs to run around and practice / play on.

With us you pay for the room regardless how many people live in it.

Breakfast can be ordered the day before.
Are there many people who want to have breakfast we serve a bufe´.
Otherwise we have our popular breakfast baskets that will be brought directly to the room, caravan or tent.

In double rooms has 2 beds.
Do you for example. have an extra child in the room that's fine.
We also have extra mattresses, pillows and blankets to borrow.
Extra sheets are rented or their own.

quadruple rooms has 2 beds and a sofa bed.
want to be 2 people to live more spacious that's fine.
Or, for example. 2 adults and 3 children. The sofa bed is a double bed.

Here is your vacation so we clean rooms when you've gone.

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